Damson Wassailing.

Crook Morris from Kendal, Cumbria, wassail their tree in the damson orchard each January.

Banging drums and shouting to drive away any lingering evil spirits, everyone processed up to the tree. Traditional wassail songs from around the country were sung, before warm damson beer and cake were passed around. Finally, the beer was poured on the tree to "libate the roots", toasted bread hung from it's branches, and hopefully all will bring a better harvest.

Thames Sailing Barge Marjorie on the sand near Southend Pier, having a paint touch-up ahead of the race the following day (August 2017).


A visit to document a project on Oxford Street, London. The site is in a very busy location, with works going on from basement to roof as Paragon strip, open up and rebuild the interiors. All the materials - from steel girders down to bags of cement - are being delivered through the small aperture at the centre of this shot. Impressive!


Thames Barrier, Annual Test Closure 10th September 2017


Over the last year I shot the timelapse sequences for this short film by Hayes Davidson, showing what the future skyline of London might be like. Hayes Davidson art directed and rendered the sequences with proposed buildings that we may one day see.

Some nice little image with sliders too.




Corrupted digital files..... interesting and somehow poetic.

A weekend in Kendal, visiting family and seeing the St. George's Day celebrations of Crook Morris and the Kendal Singers.

West End Final.

I love seeing the guts of buildings, especially older ones with their plant structures that will soon become obsolete.

At work today, in a lucky spot of sunshine.